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Gentle corn removal at Medi Pedi

Friendly & gentle professionals.

At MEDI PEDI we have a contemporary approach to foot care. Our highly skilled practitioners offer the highest standard of professionalism whilst we believe in making your experience one of comfort and care. Learn more ➝

Fungal toenail infection - don't risk it!

Are you suffering with fungal nails like these?

Sure, nail bars offer a cheap pedi, but the hidden costs are not-so cheerful. Fungal toenail infections, warts, bacterial skin infections and blood borne diseases can spread with unskilled use of sharp instruments and when stringent sterilisation processes aren’t upheld.

Successful Ingrown toenail removal at Medi Pedi

Eliminate ingrown toenails today.

We deliver simple and effective removal of ingrown toenails, both conservatively and surgically in the chair. Book your initial appointment with one of our experienced Podiatrists today to discuss how you can eliminate your ingrown toenail woes without compromising the appearance of your toenails.